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0.4-2.0 full automatic crimped wire mesh machine

JINLU 0.4-2.0 mm full automatic crimped wire mesh machine
The new crimped mesh weaving machine covers the type of old loom,the function is complete.The standardization eagerly anticipates the silk screen machinery new tidal current,its perfection
Manifests below
The designation of outside can compare favorably with 130 shuttless loom,which is made in Japan.
Reform the spare part not to be able to use in common,brings the trouble to the user.
Create four kinds of weaving,so the crimped mesh machine are used widely.
Steady,weaves precisely.
The times of shuttle belt is improving greatly.
Main parameters of the machine
Dimension size:2600x2700x1200mm
Weaving diameter:0.5-2.0mm
Mesh size:0.8-100mm
Width:1.0m(can booked)
Weaving speed:60 times/min
Main machine:length2400mm ×width3200mm×height1700mm
Power:1.5 KW    weight:2.2T
Auxiliary equipment:length2400mm×width1000mm×height1100mm
Power: 2.2kw  weight:0.5T

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